Sons of Ireland - AOH Division 17
                      Sons of Ireland - AOH Division 17

Sons of Ireland  Members

Jerry Dugan

Joe Moderski Shawn Patterson
Jim Mullen Mike McGrenra Steve McNally
Tim Mullen Kevin Mallee Chuck Brooks
Chris Mullen Joe Hughes Chris W. Cahall
Bill Kennedy Matt Hughes Chris M. Cahall
John Haley Bill Hughes Thomas Loughead
Patrick Henry Joe Broomall Paul Bruton
Rick McCray Joey Broomall Jr. Matthew Tearney
Austin McCray Brian Patterson Michael Tearney
Shane McCray Larry Patterson Tom Henry
Jim McLaughlin  Tim McRea Robert Pierce
Jim McLaughlin Jr. Bill McRea Scott Chestnut
Connor McLaughlin Jim McRea Mike Garvey Jr.
Dale McNeal Kevin Gallagher Patrick McCafferty
Dave Tracy Corey Coale Daniel Lynch
Mike Howely Chris Hansell Jim Stewart
Josh McNeal Tom Nearey Chris Hansell Jr.
Terry Dougherty Bill Adams Jake Hansell
Jeff O'Flynn Dave Griffin  
Rich Simpson Paul Mullen  
Rich Simpson Jr. Brian Kelly  
Jeff Watson George Kelly  
Pat Sweeney Mike McKinney  
Ken Collins Sean Strohm  
Matt Moosbrugger Harry Brooks  


Fourth Degree of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

    The following members were conferred upon them the honor of the 4th Degree of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America :


Dan McCray Terry Dougherty  
Tim Tracy Kevin Mallee  
Jim Mullen Dale McNeal  
John Haley Kevin Gallagher  
Bill Kennedy Sean Strohm  
Rick McCray Patrick McCafferty  
Jim McLaughlin Shane McCray  
Jim McLaughlin Jr. Austin McCray  
Josh McNeal Tim Mullen  
Jeff Watson Patrick Henry  


                     May They Rest in Peace 

Christopher Morelli ( 1973-2012) Founding Member

Timothy Tracey (1964-2013) Founding Member*

Daniel McCray (1964-2014) Founder, Sons of Ireland *

* 4th Degree, Ancient Order of Hibernians

"Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity"

Country First  

          Heritage Always


Division 17 general membership meeting, 7:00pm at Sligo Media, Pa.

Next Meeting:

January 8th, 2019



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